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Car Accidents

Knowledgeable Rockland County Attorney Helping Motor Vehicle Collision Victims

More than a quarter of a million motor vehicle accidents occur annually in the state of New York. Hundreds of innocent drivers, passengers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians are killed in these crashes, and tens of thousands more are seriously injured. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle collision, Rockland County car accident lawyer Valerie J. Crown can guide you in bringing a claim against the careless driver who struck you. Enlisting a personal injury attorney may make a critical difference in pursuing compensation.

We advocate tenaciously for victims, making ourselves available to our clients at any hour of day or night. Valerie may be reached directly through her cell phone at 845.598.8253. Our staff takes personal satisfaction in asserting the rights of injured individuals. Combined with this individual focus, we offer the resources of a large firm and are ready to handle matters of any scale.

Assert Your Rights After a Car Accident in Greater New York

It is important to note that car crash victims have a restricted time period during which they may bring a claim for compensation following an accident. The New York no-fault law provides that you have to file a no-fault claim within thirty (30) days of the accident (they must receive it within 30 days) for your medical bills and lost earnings.

The New York statute of limitations allows three years to file suit against the responsible party in most situations. However, there may be factors in a particular case that would shorten this time period, so it is important to speak with an attorney about your rights as soon as possible after a collision. Furthermore, evidence that is not properly preserved soon after a collision could be subject to spoliation, jeopardizing the outcome of future litigation, so it is important to retain legal counsel sooner rather than later.

There are many causes of motor vehicle crashes. Some of the most common are distracted driving (such as texting or using an electronic device while driving), operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, failing to yield, or disregarding the rules of the road. Regardless of how the crash happened, the plaintiff in a car accident case has the burden of proving that the defendant was negligent by a preponderance of the evidence. Proving negligence consists of four essential elements: that the defendant owed the plaintiff a legal duty of care, that the defendant breached the duty owed to the plaintiff, that the accident resulted from the breach, and that quantifiable damages arose.

Sometimes, there may have been multiple parties (including the plaintiff) whose negligence contributed to an accident. New York is a pure comparative negligence state, meaning that a plaintiff in a car accident case may be able to recover at least some damages even if they were partially to blame for the collision at issue. The plaintiff’s recovery will be reduced in proportion to the percentage of fault assigned to them. However, they still will be eligible to receive a damages award that is proportionate to the defendant’s responsibility for the crash.

Discuss Your Car Accident Case with a Rockland County Lawyer

People who are injured in car crashes often incur considerable medical expenses and lost earnings from time off work. Those damages are usually covered by the no-fault insurance company. Through a negligence action against the driver, whose actions led to the collision, a plaintiff may be able to recover monetary compensation for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of living. Call Rockland County car accident attorney Valerie J. Crown at 845.708.5900 or 845.598.8253, or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation. Our firm assists people who need a personal injury or worker’s compensation attorney throughout Greater New York, including in Rockland, Westchester, Dutchess, Ulster, and Orange Counties, as well as in New York City.

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