Assistance with Personal Injury Law in New York

When you are injured in an accident, dealing with the physical injuries is difficult enough, but the financial burdens of prescription costs and doctor’s visits can make things worse. On top of that, you are more than likely trying to figure out your legal rights and responsibilities, which may be overwhelming and confusing.

If you are currently in this situation, the good news is that help is just a phone call away.
This is where the services of personal injury attorney Valerie J. Crown, one of New York’s top lawyers, come to your aid. Although she cannot mend your broken bones and bruises, Valerie J. Crown, Esq. can help you understand and manage the legal aspects of your injury. With years of experience helping accident victims in Rockland County and the greater New York area determine their legal rights and responsibilities – rest assured that she will work to secure nothing less than the best for you as well. Valerie J. Crown, Esq. has helped countless individuals obtain the legal protection and monetary compensation they deserve.

The law firm of Valerie J. Crown deals with many types of personal injury cases including: slips and falls, auto accidents, animal bites, exposure to toxins, burns, respiratory ailments, construction accidents, chronic pain and psychological ailments. To date, she has helped countless victims recover hundreds and thousands of well-deserved monetary compensation, including helping one victim secure an impressive $850,000.00 in damages.

When you come to us with your case, you will be treated with dignity, kindness, respect, and compassion – as a name, not just a number. While past clients have hailed Valerie J. Crown Esq. for her amicable nature and personality, they have been equally impressed with her skills as a sharp, hard-working lawyer and litigator for Rockland County and the Greater New York area.

If you have been victimized in an accident, call 845.708.5900 today for a free consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and will fight side-by- side to help get the justice you deserve.