Bystander Wrongful Death Claims

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against an employer, or the individual who is responsible for the accident or injury that led to the death of your spouse, child, or other family member. However, you may be entitled to file the suit on your own behalf if you were present when the wrongful death occurred – if the death had a mental impact on you. Attorney Valerie Crown has provided legal assistance to clients in the greater New York area, and Rockland County. She can help you determine if you have been a victim of wrongful death, and what your rights are.

Conscious pain and suffering damages can result after witnessing a wrongful death. This can take place if you have witnessed:

  • A workplace injury
  • A bus or car accident
  • A robbery
  • Amongst other accidents and injuries…

You are referred to as a bystander in this situation, and you may be entitled to wrongful death bystander claims. If you are filing this type of lawsuit, you must have:

  • Been near the scene of the crime or accident
  • Suffered a direct emotional impact when observing the accident
  • Been closely related to the victim

Often times these situations can cause a bystander to suffer mental anguish that is hard or impossible to recover from. Witnessing a serious accident or death is difficult, especially if that individual was your family member. For this reason, you may be entitled to medical and financial compensation in wrongful death cases.

To learn more about your rights in a wrongful death lawsuit, contact The Law Firm of Valerie Crown. You can schedule a free consultation to determine if you have a viable case, and what strategy you should take. Ms. Crown has helped many clients in Rockland County and the greater New York area with their wrongful death lawsuits.