Reliable Workers Compensation Representation

Each year, hundreds of dutiful employees are injured or harmed on-the-job through no fault of their own.

As a result of their physical and psychological injuries, many victims are unable to continue working for a period of time following their accident. Others never seek help for the legal and medical counseling that they need, either out of fear of being fired, or because they simply do not know what rights they are entitled to.

If you work in New York or the greater New York Area and have been physically or psychologically harmed at your workplace – or while away from the office performing work related duties – let your voice be heard.
When you are sidelined by injury, illness, or disability, attorney Valerie J. Crown, Esq. – one of Rockland County and the greater New York area’s leading lawyers for workers compensation claims – goes right to work for you. With skill, confidence, and ease she has successfully defended clients in a wide variety of industries, helping them earn the legal and financial justice they deserve. And she is ready to do the same for you.

Having practiced in this area for decades, Valerie J.Crown Esq. knows that New York state laws concerning workers compensation and rights can be overwhelming.

Nonetheless, she has helped many satisfied residents of Rockland County and the greater New York area navigate through this confusing field to receive wage replacements, access medical treatment, correspond with adjusters, and negotiate monetary settlements – among other victories.

Through worker’s compensation benefits, you may be entitled to many types of care including: medical, dental, podiatric, hospital visits, x-rays, lab tests, medication, and more.

Ready to find out what benefits may be in store for you?. Take the first step by contacting the law office and personally speaking with Valerie J. Crown Esq. at 845.708.5900.