Social Security Disability Attorney in New City, NY

Are you wondering how you’re going to pay personal and medical expenses due to an injury or mental illness that is preventing you from doing your job?

You may qualify for NY Social Security disability benefits, and New York licensed attorney Valerie J. Crown could help you get the benefits you deserve. She is available to take on your case in New City, Rockland County, or the greater New York area.

It’s a common misconception that someone must be 65 years or older to receive Social Security disability benefits. While you could qualify for benefits if you meet that age requirement, there are other factors as to why you may be eligible for benefits. For example, if you have been disabled and are no longer able to work, you may qualify. Anyone with end-stage kidney disease should apply for Social Security disability as well.

If you are unsure where to begin, Valerie J. Crown and her dedicated staff understand the Social Security disability law, and she can help explain what options are available to you. She will also file the necessary application; ensuring that deadlines are met, and the proper documentation is filed.

Filing a Social Security disability application does not guarantee that you will be approved; however, when you have a reputable attorney on your side, you know that you have an attorney who will fight for your benefits. The law firm of Valerie J. Crown will also appeal if your Social Security disability application has been denied.

There is no payment required upfront; Attorney Valerie Crown only receives a fee if she is successful in getting you Social Security benefits.

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