Workers Compensation Benefits You Deserve

You go to work and perform the duties that are required of you, but one never expects to be injured while on-the-job. Unfortunately, workplace injuries and accidents occur, but that does not mean you should suffer any more than you have to. You should be compensated for any wage loss, medical bills, and other expenses that you incur due to workplace injury.

To ensure that you receive the worker’s compensation that you deserve, New York licensed attorney Valerie J. Crown is available to take on your case in Rockland and the greater New York area. Many injuries and accidents qualify as a workplace injury, including: exposure to toxins, falls, burns, construction accidents, and back and neck injuries, in addition to other accidents, occurring at the workplace, that require you to seek medical attention, or miss time off from work without pay. There are timeframes in which you must file a workers compensation claim, and Valerie J. Crown, Attorney at Law, knows them all. She and her dedicated staff also know what steps to take to make sure your claim is approved. If you are denied workers compensation, the Law Firm of Valerie J. Crown will appeal to a series of higher authorities, working tirelessly to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Sometimes your workplace injury will prevent you from returning to work. In cases like these, the Law Firm of Valerie J. Crown has experience in Social Security Disability, ensuring you are financially and medically secure. The accident could cause you to lose a limb, go blind, or suffer a more serious injury—in which case, a lawsuit may be able to be filed. The firm will also determine if the injury warrants an actual lawsuit, in addition to a workers compensation claim.

Contact attorney Valerie J. Crown today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim for Rockland County or the greater New York area. She will work to help you get the proper compensation and medical treatment that you deserve!