Meal Time Could Lead to Nursing Home Abuse Claims

If you have a loved one who is living in a nursing home facility, you may not be aware that meals served inside of the facility could be dangerous – sometimes even fatal. In today’s economy, more nursing homes are cutting down on personnel in order to save money. With personnel cuts, many nursing homes are hiring inadequate staff, which could lead to nursing home abuse and wrongful death. The people who suffer are the residents inside of the nursing home facility. Failing to have staff present during meal time could be hectic, and it could be dangerous.

The main factor in this situation is the amount of trained staff that a nursing home hires to be present on a daily basis within the facility. This proves to be a big issue when it is time to serve meals. Some patients require one-on-one supervision while they are eating, and if the facility is understaffed, the patient’s health is put at risk. If a particular patient has to have his or her food cut into small pieces, failing to do so could lead to the patient choking, which could cause serious medical harm – a patient could potentially die as a result.

If you or your loved one is injured at meal time, do not allow the nursing home facility to rule the situation as accidental. Having an adequate number of properly trained staff –could prevent a lot of meal time “accidents”. If you believe that the staff level does not meet regulatory requirements, you need to contact an experienced attorney who can look into the matter for you. Doing nothing allows these types of situations to occur again, and the next time it could be fatal. Small incidents inside of a nursing home facility could have big consequences.

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